images (5)VOIP is the future of communication in he world , Clintes can do them international calls from where ever they be with low cost , high quality and easy to do them calls and all what they need is the internet access. eTawasul VOIP solutions from IP phones , PBX , Call Back and Follow me services to Whole sale ” Termination” and exchange the traffic with biggest carriers in the world.

Unified Communication

unified-communications eTawasul is able to provide the most reliable and advanced communications capabilities for your staff no matter where they are located, along with a full suite of IP Communications solutions and endpoints. We also manage voice, video, mobility, and presence services between IP endpoints, media-processing devices, voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, mobile devices, and multimedia applications.

With video conferencing, telepresence, audio conferencing and content sharing solutions, your teams can very quickly begin to improve communication and collaboration.

When you can reduce the travel involved with necessary business meetings, you can’t help but lower your operational expenses. In fact, our customers tell us that the costs saved by eliminating travel for one transcontinental meeting has covered the cost of a video conferencing solution.