About us

The eTawasul Information Technology Division specializes in the engineering, furnishing, installing and testing (EFI&T) of state of the art information technology, communications and business automation systems and equipment for commercial, industrial and governmental clients. Following systems installation and integration, our engineers and technicians provide operations, maintenance, training and help desk services. In Iraq, eTawasul has become the premier regional company for the implementation of modern IT solutions in support of post-war reconstruction and bed-down activities. Our personnel have mobilized throughout the country to rapidly implement IT solutions for a myriad of customers, including highly successful work for the MSI on major programs in Baghdad.


eTawasul has a successful 10-year history of providing mission critical supplies and services to a myriad of clients, including local oil/gas companies, international corporations and government agencies. With a diversified international workforce of qualified personnel representing over 20 different nationalities, eTawasul is positioned to respond quickly to short notice projects, accelerated work schedules and the management of multiple, simultaneous projects. We have offices in Oman, Iraq, and Jordan,

Our customers also benefit from the technical advantages and economies of scale that result from the effective combination of related services in disciplines such as procurement, logistics, human resources and engineering.

In Iraq, eTawasul has ongoing projects in the following cities: Baghdad, Balad, Bayji, Basrah, Faluja, Hadar, Hilah, Mosul, Najaf, Nasariya, Samara, Taji, Tikrit and Zubayr.