Smart Camera Solutions

wall camera

No matter how few or how many cameras your system have, monitoring everything by a human is not possible and if you do so, then you presents a serious challenge. Even observing just a single screen for long periods pushes concentration to the limit – after only 20 minutes, an operator can miss as much as 90% of the activity in a scene.

eTawasul provide you with the best solution that helps operators stay focused by introducing a new level of automation to CCTV monitoring. Real-time processing identifies alert conditions, giving your security team the information it needs to react swiftly and take action.

For Security 
Enhance Security and Access Control using facial recognition and license recognition. Provide immediate identification and alert once a match is found against the blacklist. Driver Match can be used to further identify if a vehicle is driven away by an authorized driver
• Perimeter protection and to prevent intrusion and unauthorized access
• Protect facilities from terrorist attack (e.g. Left object detection)
• Prevent unauthorized access and tailgating – can apply tailgating and facial recognition

system to control people access.

License plate recognition system can be used to control vehicle access
• Theft prevention – expensive parts/raw materials, cutting expensive copper from power stations etc.
• Heighten security at the checkpoints (uses License plate recognition system to automate surveillance particularly after hours to identify suspicious loitering, stopped vehicles or prolonged stays)